From Oil to Sustainable Systems Engineering

From Oil to Sustainable Systems Engineering: How a Young Researcher Made the "Switch"

Nick Harder is a PhD Student who studied Petroleum Engineering in his bachelor. Now he is working on Grid Integration at INATECH at the University of Freiburg.

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Solar Boat Twente

Solar Boat Twente: “We Want to Show to the Maritime Sector: It Can be Done Differently!”

Solar Boat Twente wants to contribute to a sustainable future by designing and building an innovative solar boat and joining solar boat races.

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Solar Grid Project in Yemen

Solar Grid Project Empowers Local Women in Yemen

Country’s first private solar energy grid brings hope to a local community and wins acclaimed international Ashden Awards for Humanitarian Energy.

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Welcome Message

Welcome Message to Students

We welcomed our new students from all over the world! The map shows their locations; we are thrilled to have such an international student profile.

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E-vehicles in India

E-Vehicles in India

Electric vehicles are a key technology to reduce air pollution in densely populated areas and a promising option to contribute to energy diversification.

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Solar Thermal Energy can be a game changer part 2

Can Solar Thermal Energy be a Game-Changer? — Part 2

In the second article of the series, Mr Wissenz dwells on how solar thermal energy brings many mitigation benefits as well as education opportunities.

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Can Solar Thermal Energy be a Game-Changer?

Can Solar Thermal Energy be a Game-Changer?

Solar Fire Concentration’s CEO, Eerik Wissenz, discusses the importance of innovative and ambitious business models related to new uses of solar energy.

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Methods for Detecing Defects and Failures in PV Systems

Failures & Defects in PV Systems: Typical Methods for Detecting Defects and Failures

There are various methods to detect failures and defects in a PV system. This article explores the positive and negative aspects of these methods.

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New Podcast SolarTransfusion by Dr. Frey Brownson

SOLAR TRANS•FUSION: A Podcast about Inclusivity and Belonging by Design

Prepare for stories of light, power, and difference. This is a show about people, pride of place, centering voices from the margins in fun stories of light.

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UP Initiaive and PV Module Recycling

UP Initiative and PV Module Recycling

PV Magazine has a new agenda: the UP initiative. Through the UP initiative, PV Magazine plans to discuss issues of sustainability in the PV world. #UPrising

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Monica Oliphant Reflects on the Pandemic and Climate Change

Monica Oliphant Reflects on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Climate Crisis

Undoubtedly 2020 will go down in history as the year of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In this situation, how do we tackle a pandemic and ongoing climate crisis?

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8 Quick Tips for Exam Preparation

8 Quick Tips for Exam Preparation

Online or offline, distant, or close whichever exam you are preparing for, here are some quick tips that can help you prepare for an exam efficiently.

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Research with Impact

Developing Research with Impact

If you are in academia, you probably want your research to generate positive impressions and have an influence on other researchers and possibly on the world.

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Globar Solar Council Webinar insights

Visions for Solar Energy’s Post-COVID-19 Future

Back in June, Global Solar Council had a webinar about how to "build back better" with the contribution of solar energy in the post-COVID-19 world.

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Interview in agrivoltaics with Andreas Steinhüser

Agrivoltaics: The Untapped Potential of the PV World - An Interview with Andreas Steinhüser

"Of all integrated PV approaches, agricultural PV technology has the most significant potential," says FraunhoferISE Agrivoltaic project manager Mr. Steinhüser.

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Welcome and Congratulations Prof. Dr Anke Weidlich

Welcome and Congratulations: Prof. Dr Anke Weidlich

We welcome Prof. Dr Anke Weidlich to our team. We are excited about sharing her vision and passion for sustainable energy!

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Filagot Tesfaye Interview

An Inspiring Woman in Ethiopian Clean Energy Sector: Filagot Tesfaye

A woman of many talents, Filagot Tesfaye, was so kind as to answer our questions. She is a consultant, an engineer and example of working for one's community!

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Anke Weidlich Interview

An Interview with Prof. Dr Anke Weidlich: New Director of SEE and a Successful Academic in Sustainable Solar Systems

The SEE department has just welcomed Prof. Dr Anke Weidlich as the co-director! She took over the position from Prof. Dr Leonhard Reindl after his retirement.

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We Recycle Solar

We Recycle Solar – A Pioneer Recycling Company in Solar Energy Industry

Have you ever wondered where do solar panels go at the end of their useful life? To landfills, if it were not for pioneers like We Recycle Solar.

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Monica Oliphant by Eve Krassovksi

An Interview with Monica Oliphant — A British-Australian Pioneer in the Renewable Energy Sector

A woman who has inspired many for more than 40 years, Monica is strongly influencing the energy transition as a maverick researcher and a tireless advocate.

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Debunking Five Prejudices

Debunking Five Prejudices and Concerns about Online Education

During a time when online training becomes more popular, here are five misconceptions you might have about online education and how to address them.

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Sabrina Hasni

Fraunhofer ISE | Annual Report 2019/2020

Fraunhofer ISE’s report encompasses a great variety of solar engineering subjects which are all very important to the energy transition towards renewables.

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Merve Özcaner_Reports

Three Reports from 2019 about Gender Equity in the Renewable Energy Sector

In this short article, I present the highlights from three different reports about gender equity and representation in renewable energy sectors.

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A journey in to Solar - Dilara Jurt

A Journey to Solar Energy: Student Testimonial - Dilara Kurt

By complete coincidence, I watched a travel documentary by Turkish journalist Coşkun Aral. It was called “The Utopia of Clean Energy: Freiburg”. I was hooked!

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Tips for Adult Students

Tips for Going Back to Education as a Working Adult

Whether it is to widen their range of skills or to specialize on a subject, or to get promoted, more and more professionals go back to studying.

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ethics and good research practices

Ethics & Good Research Practice: What Students and Researchers Should Know

Ethical norms are so ubiquitous that one might be tempted to regard them as simple common sense; however, there are guidelines for responsible research.

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Hamza Samdi

PV Module Power Increase: A Glance Behind the Scenes

PV module manufacturers compete to increase the power generated per PV module under STC conditions; this is not only to meet the demand.

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Luis del Aguila in AI for PV

Artificial Intelligence Applications in O&M of PV Plants

In the solar energy sector, AI is now being used to help push solar PV toward grid parity in markets throughout the world through two complementary approaches.

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Philipp Bucher

An Interview with SEE’s Program Coordinator Philipp Bucher

This interview is, however, a bit more personal. Philipp tells how he started to work in this industry; from its challenges and to rewarding experiences.

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Solar Panels in Buildings

Failures and Defects in PV Systems: Introduction

Identifying failures and defects is the first step to keep a PV system in high-performance condition as a part of an Operation and Maintenance strategy.

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Webinar in Pekin

Pekin - Webinar

Interactive, real-time seminar on solar energy and other renewables courses at the German universities. The seminar is aimed at Chinese students.

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Campus week spring 2019

Campus Week Spring 2019

Spring has come, so has the opportunity to reunite with our fellow students, lecturers, and tutors. This week is packed with lectures, workshops and networking.

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Campus week autumn 2019

Campus Week Autumn 2019

Finally, it is time for students, alumni, and Lecturers to get together again! A week full of presentations, lab visits, conferences, workshops and more.

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7th Solar Energy Forum

7th Solar Energy Forum

The event is offered to the students of the Online Master in Solar Energy Engineering during the Campus Phase in Freiburg.

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Graduation 2019

Graudation 2019

Our Graduation Ceremony took place in a wonderful atmosphere. Accomplishment, pride, comradeship, and joy were in the air.

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Online Campus Phase Spring 2020

Campus Week Spring 2020

We are hosting our first Online Campus Phase due to the pandemic. Talks, conferences and time management workshops are just some of the activities.

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10th Anniversary

September 21, 2020 — Our 10th Anniversary!

For the 10th year of our program, expect a special edition of our Autumn Campus Phase. Keep an eye on this page and save the date!

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Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition: Heating and Cooling

Policy Talk 3 - Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition: Heating and Cooling in partnership with IEA and REN21

Time: 9:00 - 10:30 CET

Presenting the findings of the joint report on Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition: Heating and Cooling report by IRENA, IEA and REN21, this Policy Talk will focus on policies needed to decarbonise heating and cooling in all end-uses. The discussion will include highlights from the study, which provides a comprehensive policy framework to overcome the key barriers that have impeded the uptake of renewables in heating and cooling. Interventions from policy makers will also be made to share experiences and best practices in the implementation of policies, while highlighting lessons learnt.

Register here:

SWC 50 - The Century of Solar Virtual Event

In 1970 solar research pioneers met at the first International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Conference in Melbourne Australia. ISES is commemorating this Conference with a special 50th Anniversary Virtual Conference and Display called the Solar World Congress at 50 (SWC50). During these past 50 years solar energy has grown from being emerging technologies to a vibrant industry.

The Virtual Conference will be a series of six panel sessions over the 3rd and 4th December 2020 plus 3 follow up webinars during 2021.

Detailed programme and registration to the free sessions is here.

Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition in a Changing World

Climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, related economic challenges, and social inequity are among the challenges we are facing as we work to accelerate the clean energy transition. Join thought leaders to discuss opportunities to effectively scale new low- and no-carbon technologies, rapidly deploy capital to mitigate global warming and provide affordable, reliable energy solutions to all.

The symposium will consist of plenary sessions, award presentations, panel discussions, and a virtual reception with live student poster presentations.

For the first time, this normally invitation-only event will be open to all who would like to attend.

Detailed program and registration:

Re-Source 2020

Solar Power Europe brings the world’s largest gathering of renewable energy buyers and suppliers is back – and after fantastic feedback to last year’s event, we have decided to continue our corporate renewable energy sourcing discussions in the same location: the exquisite Hotel Okura in Amsterdam.

NEC Changes Affecting PV and Energy Storage Systems

2020 NEC Changes Affecting PV and Energy Storage Systems
(December 9th 1pm-3:30pm MT)

The National Electrical Code® drives industry-wide best practices as well as product development cycles of manufacturers, so whether you’re an installer, designer, manufacturer, engineer, developer, or building official, it’s critical to stay on top of the game. This presentation will focus on critical updates and changes that impact PV system design and installation, for applications ranging from battery-based off-grid and all types of energy storage systems, to interactive PV systems of all sizes up to utility-scale solar farms. If your jurisdiction is making – or has made – the jump to the 2020 NEC® then this will be a great way to hit the highlights you need to know.

Register here.

The EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2020-2024

The webinar will provide a summary of the EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2020-2024 with emphasis on:

  • Solar in the EU today
  • 5-year solar market outlook for EU-27
  • Details on leading EU markets
  • Analysis of key solar trends with policy recommendations

Time: 11:00am CET, Duration: ca. 60 minutes, Free of charge - limited participation

More information and registration here.

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