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CAS PG – Photovoltaics and The Renewable Energy Grid

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CAS PG – Photovoltaics and The Renewable Energy Grid

This Certificate provides a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions between photovoltaic systems and the power grid.

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Mid April
6 Months
Accredited Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
Fully online
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€ 2500
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Learn from Germany’s leading experts in solar energy

The Certificate “CAS PG – Photovoltaics and The Renewable Energy Grid” consists of two courses and two seminars running in parallel. Unlike courses, the seminars give participants the chance to independently work on a particular topic of their choice.

PG1.1 – Selected Semiconductor Devices (2 ECTS)
Seminar facilitator: Dr. Oliver Höhn
Researcher in the team “Microstructured Surfaces“ at Fraunhofer ISE.

PG1.2 – Grid Integration and Control of Photovoltaic Systems (4 ECTS)
Lecturer: Dr. Bernhard Wille-Haußmann
Head of the Group “Power Grids and Energy Management” at Fraunofer ISE.

PG2.1 – Technologies for Renewable Energy Conversion (2 ECTS)
Seminar facilitator: Dr. Thomas Schlegl
Head of the Department “Energy System Analysis” at Fraunofer ISE.

PG2.2 – Smart Grids & Energy Autonom. Communities (2 ECTS)
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christof Wittwer
Head of the Department “Intersectoral Energy Systems and Grid Integration” at Fraunhofer ISE.

Decentralized electricity generation and fluctuating availability pose challenges on grid stability. This Certificate provides a comprehensive understanding of interaction between photovoltaic systems and the power grid. It is about control aspects of photovoltaic systems and the integration of a huge amount of photovoltaic energy in the electricity grid. Furthermore, this certificate gives a wide overview on smart grid and renewable energy systems.

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Study Format:

  • E-learning and online video lectures accompanied by readings, exercises, self-assessments and online meetings with tutors and lecturers
  • Two written exams (60 and 30 minutes each) in a study center close to your location
  • Two seminars which include the preparation of a handout and a final oral presentation

You are closely monitored and supported by tutors and lecturers throughout your entire certificate studies. Various teaching styles and formats allow you to engage with the topic in many compelling ways.

Short 15-minute e-lectures combined with a great collection of reading materials provide you the latest theoretical understanding of each topic. Our lecturers have carefully selected the most relevant publications for you. References -  incorporated into the videos - point you to the most relevant sections in the reading material.

Your growing expertise is put into practice through exercise sheets, self-assessments; and, of course through the seminars, where you independently research, analyze and present a particular topic of your choice. Regular online meetings and lively forum discussions with fellow students, tutors and lecturers will round off your learning experience.

Accredited Certificate Program:

A Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is a subject-specific advanced training program which is compliant with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). With a scope of 10 ECTS each, our Certificates correspond to an average study-workload of 250 hours - considering that 1 ECTS is equivalent to 25 hours.

These standards secure the high quality of CAS programs, as well as their comparability and recognition across educational institutions that offer academic continuing education for working professionals.

Thus, it is possible to combine CAS programs from the same or different institutions in Germany and Switzerland to a more extensive degree in modular fashion.