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Campus Phase

M.Sc. Solar Energy Engineering program is designed to study online. However, once a year, we organize a week of on-campus events called the Campus phase. This event is designed to give students, alumni, and potential applicants the chance to meet their instructors and fellow students in person, as well as to gain hands-on experience at our facilities. During the event, there is a range of formal and informal activities, where participants can share their ideas and knowledge on the latest advances and news from the solar sector.

Students of the M.Sc. Solar Energy Engineering program (weiterildung) are required to attend at least one campus phase during their studies.

If you need to apply for a German Visa, please contact our Program Manager ( for a supporting letter.

We are pleased to invite you to our next Campus Phase 2023!

Date: 25.09.2023 – 30.09.2023