Bernhard Wille-Haussmann




His extensive research on grids spans from grid planning, control and operation management.

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Wille-Haussmann, born in 1977, studied electronic engineering at the University of Stuttgart. In his diploma thesis (finished 2005), he worked on the characterisation of thin-filmphotovoltaics. Since 2005 he works at Fraunhofer ISE to manage distribution grids with a high penetration of renewable and distributed generators. His main task is the optimal operation of heat systems with cogeneration and thermal storage devices. In June 2011, he finished his PhD with the topic “Usage of the symbolic model reduction for analysing control strategies in Smart Grids”. Since 2010 he is head of the group energy management and grids. He offers more than 15 years of experience in the field of smart grids. 

His main working field is the integration of distributed generators and loads into electric grids. The group with about 20 employees covers the whole field, from operating decentralized energy systems to electricity distribution grids. This includes on the short time scale the topics state estimation, control of grid elements and marked based operation. In the long term, it leads to grid planning strategies. The work is demonstrated in various publications, demonstration projects and the Digital Grid Lab in Fraunhofer ISE.

In various projects, grid modelling and grid control have been analysed, for example, in the “Speicherstudie 2013” the grid friendly operation of small scale PV-Battery systems. Grid and plant operation has been evaluated. In the project Green Access, adaptive control concepts for distribution grids are analyzed. These concepts integrally cover the whole voltage spread from low voltage to medium voltage and will be tested in the grid of DSO EWE. For the planning of energy systems, knowledge of detailed consumption time series is essential. Model-based synthetically generated profiles cover this in the project synGHD for commercial consumers.

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Grid Integration and Control


CAS PG – Photovoltaics and The Renewable Energy Grid