Prof. Dr.

Werner Platzer




Prof. Dr. Werner Platzer also works on energy efficiency and integration of solar thermal heat to industrial processes.

Prof. Dr. Werner Platzer studied Solid State Physics in München and received his Ph.D. in "Optics and Heat Transport Transparent Insulation" from the University of Freiburg in 1988. Dr. Platzer worked at Fraunhofer ISE for more than three decades. He was the head of Materials Research and Applied Optics department, the leader of Light Technology and Solar Concentration group, and Director of Division Solar Thermal and Optics. He gained international experience by working as an Executive Director at Fraunhofer Chile Center for Solar Energy Technology in Santiago. Since 2016, he is an Honorary Professor at the University of Freiburg. His research focuses on the optical properties and heat transport for solar thermal concentrator technology, especially for Linear Fresnel collectors and solar tower heliostat fields. He also deals with hybridization of CSP with PV or the impact of different high-temperature storage options.

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CAS 2 – Solar Thermal Energy Technology