Gerald Siefer




Dr. Gerald Siefer is an active member of the IEC working group 7 to develop international standards for CPV. He has more than 150 publications, including two book chapters.

Dr. Gerald Siefer joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg, Germany as an assistant student in 1997. Since then, his work is focused on the characterisation and calibration of photovoltaic devices. He finished his PhD on "Analysis of the performance of multi-junction cells under realistic operating conditions" in 2008. Since 2008, he has been leading the group "III-V Cell and Module Characterisation". His team works on calibration techniques for multi-junction solar cells with up to 6 p-n junctions for space and terrestrial concentrator applications and the indoor and outdoor characterisation of concentrator modules. Recent research topics also include the characterisation of solar cells for laser power beaming applications and flat plate modules with multi-junction cells, including Perovskite on Silicon cells. Gerald Siefer has been a member of the scientific committees of several international PV conferences. He is an active member of the IEC TC82 working group 7 on developing international standards related to CPV and is also involved in the standardisation work related to space solar cell characterisation.

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III-V Solar Cells and Concentrator Systems


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