October 7, 2019

Campus Week -Autumn

Campus Week Autumn 2019

We did it. We took the time to get together, share experiences, attend workshops and lectures, present exams, visit labs and network. We had a busy week and we can't wait for the next one.

"There is nothing better than flexible online studies that also allow you to meet your fellow students and teachers, face to face." - Sabrina Hasni  |  Algeria  |  Master Student

The beautiful city of Freiburg welcomed our students!

As all Campus Week events this Autumn Phase took place in Freiburg. The Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and Fraunhofer ISE hosted our academic events. Our looked-forward dinner was at Fluxus, a rather trendy place with warm customer service, many of your students explored the city and found their beauty too.

Graduation Ceremony

We saw with pride, five of our students say goodbye to our course, taking with them new knowledge, many experiences and stories to tell . We will miss them but we are also very excited to see them already taking firm steps in different areas of the industry. We will soon tell you about. We know we will see them again, as all our ever-students are always welcome to all our activities in any Campus Week.

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