October 7, 2019

Campus Week Autumn 2019

Campus Week Autumn 2019

It is time again for all our Students, Alumni and Lecturers to get together. A fascinating week full of lectures, presentations, lab visits, conferences, social events and more is waiting for you! Further information to be emailed to all participants closer to the event.

"There is nothing better than flexible online studies that also allow you to meet your fellow students and teachers, face to face." - Sabrina Hasni  |  Algeria  |  Master Student

The beautiful city of Freiburg Welcomes you !

All Campus Week events take place in Freiburg. The Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and Fraunhofer ISE host our academic events. Our social get togethers take place near the afore mentioned institutions or at an easily accesible location in the city centre.

If this time just doesn't work for you...we will work it out.

If you can't attend this time, we will make sure you don't miss out. All lectures and academic events will be streamed on our studies portal. You will be able to participate live, ask questions and join discussions, just as if you were there. If you want to join but are not a SEE student please request the streaming link at: bucher@studysolar.uni-freiburg.de

Download our full Agenda below:

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