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Welcome to Solar Energy Engineering - Continuing Education

- Online Learning - Technology and Scientific Content - Gain Expertise in Solar Energy -

Welcome to the new continuing education program in solar energy engineering! We developed this specific program to develop a highly trained workforce in the field of solar energy. Professionals form solar cells and systems production as well as newcomers to the field of solar energy are highly encouraged to enhance their knowledge with our program.

The program has started as the "Master Online Photovoltaics" in 2010 and was renewed with a new name, new content and a new look in 2016. Since then we have increased our impact to the world with around 15 students each year.

The focus of the program is the structure and design of solar systems, as well as their production and the professional setup of photovoltaic and solar thermal facilities. It has a broad technical content ranging from thin film solar cell concepts to solar cooling and climatization and allows the student to focus on their respective interest area through a variety of elective modules.

The teaching method is mainly through online lectures but the highlight of each course are the voluntary campus phases, which are enhanced through lab workshops.

Please browse through our website and enjoy getting to know the program a bit more. We would be happy to welcome you to our program and to the growing solar community, soon!

Martin Heinrich, PhD (Program Manager)